About Us

Heritage and Values


To be a quality service provider supporting global client base in their accounting, transaction, legal and taxation requirements.


To become one of the top ten consulting firms in India by the year 2015.


How AJSH is different

Code of conduct
  • Abstain from conduct that might bring discredit to the profession
  • Be impartial and free of any conflict of interest
  • Be straightforward, honest and sincere in their approach to professional work
  • Have a high standard of competence
  • keep organization up-to-date with best business practice
  • Respect their clients' confidentiality
  • Seriously viewing any breaches of the Code of Ethics
  • Work according to certain technical and professional standards

Service model

The service model is flexible , and allows for periodic change and rebalancing. In addition, the company has transformed itself into an integrated enterprise which has improved overall productivity. As a result, today the company is a high performing enterprise.